Quick Overview

Learn how your employees can benefit by being part of the Kitchry platform.

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Why Choose Kitchry Health?

Engagement Science Meets Data Science and Nutrition Science.


Employee Engagement

Adopt engagement as a key enabler of your on-going employee wellness or benefits management goals.


Private and Personal

Manage chronic conditions of senior employees suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart disease or any other illness via discrete nutrition counselling.


Reduce Costs

Save costs by helping your employees be proactive about their health. We help them stay organized, educated and empowered to make sustainable health changes.


D-I-Y or let us drive

Whether you already have a corporate health coach or require access to highly experienced clinical providers, we can support you in both modes.


Flexibility and Freedom

Offer your employees access to a health platform that works with them on their own terms and empowers them to optimum health using clinical grade nutrition plans, recipes, and more.


Track and Earn

Offer incentives to motivate your employees through our market place. Choose from the many gift cards we offer or create your own incentives.