Many patients are told to optimize their health before surgery, but they don’t know how to achieve that. Partner with Kitchry Health and help your patients achieve their health goals.

The Kitchry Advantage


Mitigate Risk of Adverse Outcomes

Obesity, Diabetes, Smoking, Hypertension, etc. are modifiable risk factors that have all been shown to predict postoperative complications. Addressing these factors preoperatively, increases the likelihood of a successful surgical outcome.

Increase Surgical Qualification

Many health conditions can affect an individual's ability to qualify for surgery. For elective procedures, we provide a customized health plan that works to achieve the health goal outlined by the surgeon/physician.


Increase Efficiency and Improve Quality

Enhance doctor-patient relationships without adding burden to your staff and clinic, just results. We are here to serve one purpose: to deliver care driven by the patient's needs, goals, and values. By using proven behavioral science methods, patients will be more engaged, motivated, and most importantly more successful.

Reduce Unplanned Costs

As an end-to-end solution, we take care of curating a nutrition and wellness approach, monitoring compliance, and delivering automatic interventions based on patient behavior. As a result, we can help you cut hospital stays and reduce overall costs.


Patient Satisfaction

Healthier patients are cleared for surgery sooner. Kitchry Health addresses obesity and many other modifiable risk factors such as blood glucose, blood pressure, etc. Patients with an original BMI > 40 can now become surgical candidates.

Comprehensive System

Kitchry has created an environment in which all tools necessary are available in a concise platform. Addressing the needs of the patient to drive improvement takes a multifaceted approach. It’s health coaching, health science, data science, and behavioral science all powerfully combined.


Flexible Deployment.

Every health care system has its own needs. We offer flexible solutions to meet them all.


Patient Referral

Refer your patients to Kitchry Health and our credentialed providers will guide them.


Self Branding

Integrate Kitchry Health with your existing EMR or leverage it independently.



We remain on stand by and offer our expert providers when requested.