Why optimize health for surgery?

Certain health factors can increase the risk of complications, slow recovery and extend hospital stay.


Chronic conditions

According to research, individuals with > 35 BMI, Diabetes, Hypertension are at an increased risk of complications by up to 25% as compared to individuals without any chronic conditions.



Research studies note that preoperative anxiety is associated with increased postoperative pain, delayed recovery, increased risk of infection, and other adverse postoperative outcomes.



Smoking causes the small airways in the lungs to narrow, making them more prone to collapse and leading to increased susceptibility of infection, coughing, and pulmonary complications.

Our Programs

Designed by Surgeons, Medical Experts, and Registered Dietitians,
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nutrition and wellness

Surgical Qualification

Sometimes patients with high risk of surgical complications are denied surgery. We help you improve on those high-risk factors, defined by your surgeon/physician, for you to qualify for your surgery.

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Pre Surgery Wellness

In our Pre Surgical Readiness program, we focus on optimizing your total health for surgery. Patients who are surgically ready skyrocket their likelihood for better outcomes and faster recovery times.

behavior modeling

Post Surgery Wellness

Taking precautions against common post surgical conditions such as Malnutrition, and by maintaining good health, individuals have a higher probability of a better, faster, and safer recovery post-surgery.

multidimensional coaching

Multiple Conditions

For those that have more than one health concern, we work with you to curate a multifaceted approach, and help you control various conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

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