Why optimize health for surgery?

Research shows that better health reduces the risks associated with surgery, supports faster recovery,
and decreases unplanned costs.


Fewer Complications

The main complications that occur from surgery are due to modifiable risk factors that are specifically addressed in our program.


Better Outcomes

Health optimization is designed to focus on decreasing surgical risk factors so you can obtain high quality outcomes during and after surgery.


Successful Rehab

Increasing your participation in muscle-strengthening exercises, along with adequate nutrition and lifestyle habits, can significantly improve health going into and out of surgery.

Who we help?

Individuals who have been declined surgery due to their chronic conditions who need to improve health before surgery.
Individuals with weight management concerns who would like to improve their surgical success.
Individuals who want help finding natural solutions for pain, inflammation relief to aid with healing.
Individuals who struggle to improve surgical risk factors as Anxiety, A1C, Malnutrition, Smoking, and Weight.

Our Approach

Empowering individuals to navigate the surgical readiness pathway.

Meet your provider

We have created an easy, worry free process to getting started with your Kitchry provider. Tell us what brought you here & we’ll match you with the best suited provider to help you with your concerns and then schedule complimentary initial consultation.

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Receive your care plan

Health plans are based on parameters set by you and your Kitchry provider for a healthier you. This includes items such as: setting health goals, dietary limitations, food allergies, and setting trackers to monitor hydration, glucose levels, physical exercise, and more.


Track your progress

Even with the most hectic of schedules, we made recording your day simple and effortless, paving the road to your success.


Gain insights on your health

We understand that lifestyle changes are hard and understanding why improvement is not happening is discouraging. Allowing you to see how you're doing will help you to your goals.



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